Central Asian Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Transformation
Step into a world of innovation and education with the newly established Central Asian Research Centre for Educational Innovation and Transformation (CARCEIT). As an integral part of Nazarbayev University's Graduate School of Education, our center is fueled by an ambitious vision – to lead the way in educational research throughout Central Asia. Join us on this remarkable journey as we pave the path for transformative advancements in the realm of education.
In this video, the Director of CARCEIT, Professor Naureen Durrani, emphasizes the fact that our mission extends far beyond ordinary research. We are focused on stimulating innovative transformations in educational policy and practice. Our aim is to initiate revolutionary changes in educational approaches, both in Kazakhstan and throughout the entire region.
Currently, the CARCEIT center is engaged in the following research projects:

Strengthening Regional Universities in Kazakhstan
Nurturing Young Minds: Exploring the Role of Positive Early Childhood Education and Care in the Health and Well-being of Young Children in Kazakhstan
Positive Peace Education in Kazakhstan
Sustainability Education and Higher Educational Institutions in Kazakhstan: A student perspective.
The Qaz Green Health Project: Developing the Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare Competence of the Present and Future Healthcare Workforce in Kazakhstan
The Impact of Orientation Programs on First-Year Students’ Academic Performance in Kazakhstani Universities
The Impact of Socio-economic Factors on Parental Knowledge and Engagement in Early Intervention
Academic promotion and remuneration policies at private higher education institutions in Kazakhstan
Exploring STEM students’ international mobility in Kazakhstan in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine war conflict