M.A. in Multilingual Education
The Master of Arts (MA) in Multilingual Education at the Graduate School of Education is your gateway to becoming an influential advocate, researcher, policy analyst and practitioner in the field of multilingual education.
About the program
Our program is designed to empower you with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to navigate the complex landscape of multilingual or trilingual education in Kazakhstan. Our faculty believes that language is not just a tool of communication but a gateway to understanding culture, forging identity, and championing social justice. We recognize the critical importance of language in addressing issues of educational equity, diversity, and social justice. You will engage in meaningful dialogues and research to examine and address the role of language/s in creating equity, diversity and social justice within the contexts of classrooms, schools, universities, the workplace and communities.

In our program, you will develop the capacity to engage in thoughtful discussions, articulate your ideas effectively, and engage in critical reflection on the intricate interplay of language, culture, and identity. This deeper understanding will empower you to explore the profound connections between these elements and enable you to recognize and ponder the central role that language and culture play in shaping:
  • the self (our identities)
  • society, community and nation-building
  • educational spaces and the importance of fostering inclusive and culturally responsive learning and teaching environments.

Our students engage in core courses such as Educational Context and Reform in Kazakhstan, Foundations of Multilingual Education, Multilingual Schools and Multilingual Curriculum Development and Assessment. We also offer a range of elective courses such as Application of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in teaching, Language Planning and Policy, and Language Policy and Education Reform across contexts. In these courses, our students gain extensive knowledge about multilingualism in and outside of educational spaces and develop the qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research skills to conduct rigorous, independent Master’s thesis research on an important topic of their choice.

In addition, our students develop important research skills during three research courses and in their work with their Thesis Supervisors during the second year of the program dedicated to their Master’s Thesis research that culminates with the Thesis Defense and submission of the Master's Thesis.
After completing the Program, the students will be able to:
Graduates of the MA in Multilingual Education are prepared for a wide range of careers in education, advocacy, policy, research, and community leadership. Whether you aspire to become a multilingual educator, an educational advocate, a curriculum developer, or a policy influencer, our program equips you with the skills to make a meaningful impact. Upon completing our Master of Arts in Multilingual Education, you will be well-prepared to excel in a variety of roles, including:
-        Multilingual Education researcher, teacher or consultant
-        Bilingual Program Coordinator
-        Language Policy Analyst
-        Language Education Consultant
-        Community Engagement Specialist
-        Social Justice Advocate in Education

Additionally, students in the Multilingual Education specialization are prepared for further doctoral study in their field, as evidenced by many of our graduates who have studied in top universities around the world.
Program is relevant for
People interested in research, leadership and teaching of:
○     Kazakh, Russian, English and/or additional foreign languages as subjects
○     Languages of minority ethnic groups in Kazakhstan
○     Academic subjects in English
○     Language learning strategies
○     Teaching students from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds
○     Language policy and language-in-education policy

Form of study
It is a full-time two-year program. In order to ensure success in a rapidly changing globalized and international world, stakeholders (from teachers and administrators to leaders must develop a deeper, critical understanding of education.

Campus: Astana, Kazakhstan
Language: English
Delivery mode: Full time, on-campus.
Duration: 2 years
Total ECTS credit: 120

Advantages of the program
- Experience an innovative Master's program developed in collaboration with our strategic partners at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Cambridge to meet the unique needs of educators seeking to develop capacity for change leadership for policy, practice, and research in Kazakhstan, Central Asia and other international contexts;
- Develop as a scholar and researcher in the field of multilingual education at a world-class English-medium university;
- Benefit from excellent research training in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research;
- Experience research-integrated teaching and learning in every course;
- Design and conduct a rigorous Master's Thesis research project under the supervision of an accomplished international scholar in your field;
- Benefit from academic English and academic Kazakh support for success in all courses, your master's thesis, and international academic and professional communication;
- Potentially be selected as a research assistant for a faculty-led research project;
- Have the opportunity to apply for local and international research-related travel (e.g., for academic conferences);
- Join our growing international GSE Education Research Community of postgraduate students, alumni, faculty and researchers working to develop policy, practice and research in multilingual education here in Kazakhstan and internationally.

The MA team looks forward to the next steps in this exciting phase of GSE's journey.

  • State grants and scholarship for international students for education
  • Conferences, workshops, and other academic and extracurricular activities
  • Monthly stipend and opportunities for research assistantships for PhD students
  • International residency for PhD students to work on PhD thesis
  • Internationally recognized and research-active faculty who deliver quality education in English
  • Great school facilities, library and sport center
  • Opportunity to be an author, peer-reviewer and editor of “NUGSE Research in Education” – a student-led peer-reviewed journal
  • More than 190 student clubs and societies at NU to develop creativity skills, personal and professional qualities
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