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The Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE) is committed to enhancing the professional development of top managers within Kazakhstan’s education system through various projects and programs. NUGSE endeavors to develop its competencies, thereby enhancing Kazakhstan’s education. Our methods integrate research, learning, and practice, offering a comprehensive and practical understanding of how to address contemporary challenges and devise effective solutions.

NUGSE values the exchange of knowledge and is dedicated to ensuring that academics and practitioners learn from one another, collaborating to advance best practices. Here, you can discover information about our current programs and projects aimed at professional development.
We invite the leaders of educational institutions and all individuals aspiring to progress in this field to join us. Collectively, we can transform education into a more innovative and impactful endeavor.
Should you wish to engage in our programs or access our resources, this is where you will find all the necessary details regarding registration, upcoming events, and ways to engage with our community.

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The program is aimed at equipping the leaders of Kazakhstani Higher Education, including university rectors, vice-rectors, deans, and heads of departments, with the knowledge, skills, and best practices required to effectively lead and manage higher education institutions in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. The program addresses the diverse challenges and opportunities faced by higher education leaders, fostering a global perspective, and encouraging a practical application of acquired knowledge and skills. Ultimately, the purpose of this course is to empower top managers in higher education to excel in their leadership roles, drive innovation and excellence within their institutions, and contribute to the ongoing advancement of higher education on a global scale.
From 2020 to 2023, in collaboration with HAMK University (Finland), the World Bank project “Modernization of Teacher Education” is being implemented.
The main goal of the project is the development and implementation of 30 educational programs for teacher education. Currently, these programs are being tested in 17 universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
By 2024, it is planned to scale up these educational programs in 49 higher educational institutions of the Republic. This plan provides for the training of 2,050 students. Of these, 1,800 teachers will be trained in teaching methods and skills according to the modernized model of teacher education. Additionally, 250 heads of higher education institutions and schools will undergo training in order to develop the leadership competencies necessary for the successful implementation of new
programs and improve the quality of teacher education in the Republic.
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