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Academic support:
The Registrar’s Office
The Office of the Registrar is the Academic department of the University responsible for the student database along with the organization and monitoring of the educational process. The Office of the Registrar provides accurate, timely services for students, faculty, staff and the University community. It has close working relationships with the Department of Student Affairs, the Office of Admissions, the Department of Academic Quality, Informational Technology and the NU Library (NULITS)- supporting the academic mission and vision of the University.
Nazarbayev University Campus is devoted to helping students, faculty, and staff experience the full scope of university life. Through a wide range of services and opportunities, we strive to build a thriving community where you can live, study, develop new ideas, grow personally and professionally, and enjoy life!
Student Housing
We are delighted to introduce them with an environment where we encourage the students to self-realize and be more active in the student life activities.
Living in the dormitories of NU and taking advantage of its academic, sport and other facilities will inspire the students’ future commitments to the University and the surrounding environment.
All rooms have beds, desks and closet space. Room dimensions vary according to the block. The space is limited and bringing the extra furniture is strongly prohibited.
Our collection includes:
● more than 200 000 books and ebooks;
● more than 3000 DVDs, audiobooks, and CDs;
● more than 50 000 e-journals;
● 7,196 microforms on Central Asia;
● more than 100 licensed databases;
● 20 print newspapers and magazines in Qazaq, English and Russian;
● Board games and more.
Student life
Nazarbayev University has more than 100 student-run clubs and organizations on campus in various areas of intellectual development including scientific and research activity, school-based clubs, creativity, entertainment, civic engagement, charity, culture, performing arts and sports.
Student clubs provide students with opportunities to put their ideas into action. Students are encouraged to complement their intellectual and leadership pursuits with self-directed programs that provide a bridge between their academic and extracurricular experiences.
There are many benefits to joining a student organization: making new friends, developing new skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, sharing time and talents, as well as having fun.

Sport & Facilities

Nazarbayev University Sports Center is a 6000+ square meter multi-sport complex open for NU community.
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