Development of 30 Curricula for Initial Teacher Education

NU/HAMK/JAMK/KZ Universities
30 curricula of Teacher Education were developed, including 5 Master’s programmes

17 universities collaborated with NUGSE on developing 30 curricula
105 pedagogical developers from 17 universities trained to design curricula based on NU experience
16 key experts from HAMK & JAMK, 11 key experts from NU contributed to the project
NUGSE Back office (4 project managers) provided organisational and administrative support to the project

Success of the 30 curricula project laid foundation for a new project: Scale up of the 30 curricula in 49 KZ universities

1800 University Faculty of Teacher Education programmes
Teaching methods for the enhanced model of teacher education
250 University and School Leaders
Developing leadership skills for a successful implementation of newly developed curricula

Contribution of 30 curricula development to NU’s strategic project
  • Quantitative Effects

    Collaboration: With 17 universities participating in the project, the reach and impact are considerably broadened. This scale of partnership amplifies the effects of the initiative.

    Pedagogical Developers Trained: Training 105 pedagogical developers, increases the probability of successful curricular reform, and sets a foundation for quality education.

    Expert Contributions: 27 key experts from HAMK, JAMK, and NU provide a rich tapestry of expertise that can enhance the quality and adaptability of the developed programs.

    Programmes Developed: The curricula developed in this project establish a benchmark for high-quality teacher education nationwide.

    All the 30 curricula have already been included in the national register of educational programmes of the Higher Education Development National Centre

  • Qualitative Effects

    Qualitative Effects

    Capacity Building: By training pedagogical developers from various universities, the project contributes to institutional capacity building, a key aspect of educational reform.

    Back Office: Efficient administrative and organisational support helped complete the project effectively and on time.

    Inter-University Collaboration: The project fosters a sense of shared responsibility and community among the participating universities. This can set the stage for future collaborations and collective efforts towards educational reform.

    Expertise Transfer: By involving key experts from NU, HAMK and JAMK, the project ensures that internationally recognized best practices are being considered, thereby elevating the quality of education in Kazakhstan.

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