Executive University Leadership Program - 2023

28 state universities in Kazakhstan
Rectors, vice-rectors, deans, department directors

•Sustainability & Social Justice

•Leadership, Governance & Strategy

• Data-driven decision making

•Transformation of academic activities and student affairs


•Organizational change

•Talent management

•International Module

• Team Project

•Research Development and Strategy

•The role of universities in regional economic and social development and entrepreneurship

•Long-term sustainability and strategic development of universities

•Curriculum development and teaching and learning initiatives

•Internationalization strategy

Effects of the Executive University Leadership Program
  • Quantitative effects

    • Reach and Impact: Involving 28 state universities maximizes the reach of the program and thereby its potential for systemic impact.

    • Leadership Training: The inclusion of not just rectors but also vice-rectors, deans, and department directors ensures that multiple layers of university leadership are being trained.

    • International Exposure: The UK internship might be quantifiable in terms of subsequent collaborations, research partnerships, or adaptations of international best practices.

    • Institutional Outreach and Experience Sharing: This program also serves as a platform for other divisions and schools within Nazarbayev University (SEDS, SHS, Library, GSB, GSPP) to extend their outreach and share best practices with other universities.

  • Qualitative effects

    • Quality of Leadership: The program could improve the calibre of university leadership, which is harder to quantify but can be discerned through interviews, peer reviews, and other qualitative methods.

    • Innovation in Teaching and Research: The focus on academic activities, research, and data-driven decision-making could lead to more innovative and effective approaches to pedagogy and scholarship.

    • Institutional Culture: Enhanced leadership can foster a culture of continuous improvement and openness to change.

    • Global Perspective: The foreign module provide international context, which is qualitative but invaluable for developing a broader understanding of higher education.

    • Students from KZ universities were involved as Teacher assistants and learned valuable skills

    • Enhanced Public Exposure: The active posting by program participants on social media platforms about the Graduate School of Education and its programs provides Nazarbayev University with greater visibility and public exposure.

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