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Graduate School of Education



Here is a list of PhD theses.

Name Topic Supervisor
Almukhambetova Ainur Exploring the First Year Experience of the Students from Diverse Backgrounds at International Standard Universities in Kazakhstan Daniel Torrano
Karabassova Laura Content and Language Integrated Learning: Case Studies of 6 Teachers at the NIS Denise Egea
Mukhamejanova Dinara International Students in Kazakhstan: A Narrative Enquiry about Human Agency in the Process of Adaptation Denise Egea
Nurpeissova Aigul Public Policy Response to Economic Crises between 1991-2015 in relation to Higher Education Reforms Ali Ait Si Mhamed
Tolesh Fariza Experiences of Foreign Educated Kazakhstani Graduates in the Local Labour Market Aisi Li
Tursunbayeva Xeniya EFL Teachers’ Conceptualization of Critical Thinking in Kazakhstani Secondary Schools Carole Faucher
Jumagulova Togzhan Student Financial Aid Policies: Equity and Efficiency Issues in Kazakhstan Ali Ait Si Mhamed
Tazabek Sholpan Impact of Institutional Policy on Faculty Motivation to Internationalize: a Comparative Case Study of Two Universities Lynne Parmenter
Smanova Gulmira From Knowledge-Centered to Outcomes-Based Education: the Case of School Curriculum Revision Policy in Kazakhstan Carole Faucher
Makhmutova Alfira Stakeholders’ Attitudes on Language Maintenance in a Uyghur Community in the Context of the Trilingual Education Policy in Kazakhstan Carole Faucher
Soltanbekova Arailym Exploration of School Principals Role in Education Reform in Kazakhstan Duishon Shamatov
Apergenova Renata The Role of Faculty in Kazakhstani Higher Education Institutions in the Time of Autonomy Reforms Lynne Parmenter
Lopez Lara Marcelo Jorge Teachers’ Understandings and Attitudes towards Trilingual Education Policy in Rural Schools in Kazakhstan Jason Sparks
Gapbassova Lyazzat Development of a Pre-Service Teacher Mentoring Framework between Kazakhstani Universities and Secondary Schools Tsediso Michael Makoelle
Makhmetova Zhadyra Conceptualizations of Assessment Among Preservice Teachers in Kazakhstan Denise Egea
Mussabayeva Merey The Role of University Faculty Members in Shared Governance Aliya Kuzhabekova
Rydchenko Victoriya Faculty Curriculum Development Experiences in a Transnationally Merged University: A case of Satpayev Kazakh National Technical University (Satpayev KazNTU) and Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) Tsediso Michael Makoelle
Temerbayeva Aizhan Doctoral Student Socialization Experiences in Kazakhstani Regional Universities Aliya Kuzhabekova
Kambatyrova Assel Parents’ Language Ideologies in the context of trilingual education policy in Kazakhstan Bridget Goodman
Khanin Stanislav Playing to Think Critically: A Delphi Study on Digital Games and Critical Thinking Michelle Somerton
Assanbayev Arman Practices Promoting Inclusion of Adult Students with Disabilities in Technical Vocational Education and Training in Colleges of Kazakhstan Tsediso Michael Makoelle
Zhaksybay Maira Return on Investment in Higher Education in Kazakhstan: Case of SPIID Ali Ait Si Mhamed
Orynbassarova Dilara Mapping Interaction of University-Industry-Government Partnerships in Research: A Network Analysis of Patents in Kazakhstan of 25 years (1991-2016) Duishon Shamatov
Kuchumova Gulfiya How PhD Students Learn to Do Research: Multiple Case Study of Universities in Kazakhstan Duishon Shamatov
Shon Peter International Student Mobility in Higher Education : Case Study of Kazakhstan Denise Egea