Nazarbayev University
Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education



Graduate School of Education Courses for M.A in Multilingual Education

Core courses:

  • Academic English Thesis
  • English for Thesis Writing
  • Foundations of Multilingual Education
  • The Multilingual School
  • Thesis Research
  • Introduction to Linguistics
  • Multilingual Curriculum Development and Assessment
  • Kazakh for Professional Purposes
  • Academic Writing in Kazakh
  • The Multilingual Society
  • The Plurilingual Individual
  • Research Methods
  • Educational Context and Reform in Kazakhstan
  • Perspective on Inclusive Education

Elective courses:

  • Language Development and Literacy
  • Principles and Methods of Language Education
  • Assessment: Theories, Policies, Practices
  • Globalization and Language
  • Critical Issues in Multilingual Education in Kazakhstan
  • Fundamentals of Higher Education
  • Education Policy Analysis and Development
  • Language Planning and Policy