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Philip Montgomery


MEd, 2014, Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA.

CELTA Certification, 2012, Cambridge International Examinations.

Courses taught at GSE:

EDUC507 Academic English III (Fall 2017)

EDUC502 Academic English for Research (Fall 2017)

EDUC590 Academic Writing for Doctoral Students (Fall 2017)

EDUC506 Academic English II (Spring 2017)

EDUC511 Advanced English for Education Professionals II (Spring 2017)

EDUC505 Academic English I (Fall 2016)

EDUC510 Advanced English for Education Professionals I (Fall 2016)

EDUC503 English for Thesis Writing (Summer 2016)

Thematic areas of research specialization: (Underline all that apply)

Pre-school education

School education

Higher education

Inclusive education

Multilingual Education and language policy

Other cross-sectional issues in education

Research subthemes (within specializations): (Underline all that apply, add your own – or suggest a better name)

Pre-school education: early literacy

School education: curriculum issues, teaching and learning, assessment, leadership, teacher identity

Higher education: faculty, research capacity, internationalization, governance and autonomy, leadership, organizational aspects, teaching and learning

Inclusive education: inclusion and instruction

Multilingual education and language policy: EMI, language planning, language instruction

Cross-sectional: employability and transition, educational economics and finance, high ability and giftedness, gender issues in education, wellbeing, educational reform and policy, academic writing, technology.

Geographic areas of research specialization (countries): eg: Spain, USA, Kazakhstan, Australia, Tasmania, South Africa, Kyrgyzstan…

Prior positions (in teaching, administration, research):

Academic English Instructor, 2014-Present, NUGSE. TEACHING.

Secondary School Language Arts and Writing Teacher, 2012-2014, QSI Astana. TEACHING.

English Teacher, 2011-2012, Study Innovations, Astana. TEACHING.


Post-doctoral fellow, Senior Researcher, Research Assistant, Director of Research

Instructor, Assistant Professor

Dean, Associate Dean

Funded Projects:


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Publications and presentations: (use APA style to format, list in the appropriate category, indicate whether the publication is published, expected to be published, submitted for publication)


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Chapters in edited volumes


Conference presentations

Montgomery, D. P. (2015, April). Did you read my new post? Improving autonomy, English and engagement through class blogs. Paper presented at International Conference, Building Cultural Bridges: Integrating Language, Linguistics, Literature, Translation, Journalism, Economics and Business into Education (ICBCB), Suleyman Demirel University, Kaskelen, Kazakhstan. ICBCB. Retrieved from: [LINK] TEACHING AND LEARNING, TECHNOLOGY. KAZAKHSTAN.

Montgomery, D. P. (2016, April). Leading students: Creating a student-run peer reviewed journal. Paper presented at ICBCB, Ataturk-Alatoo University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. [LINK] HIGHER EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING, RESEARCH CAPACITY, LEADERSHIP. KAZAKHSTAN.

Montgomery, D. P. (2016, September). Assessment of learning outcomes in academic writing. Conference presentation at Pedagogical Measurement: Best Practice and Development Prospects. Astana, Kazakhstan. [LINK] HIGHER EDUCATION, TEACHING AND LEARNING, INTERNATIONALIZATION. KAZAKHSTAN.

Montgomery, D. P. (2016, October). Educational leadership and language learning on Slack. Paper presented at the Online Language Learning Research Network (OLLReN) conference, online. [LINK] RESEARCH CAPACITY, TEACHING AND LEARNING. KAZAKHSTAN.

Montgomery, D. P., CohenMiller, A. S., Kozhabayeva, K. R., Orynbassarova, D. M. (2017, May). Developing student research competence through a peer reviewed journal. Paper presented at 2nd Annual Conference on Academic Integrity, Astana, Kazakhstan. [LINK] RESEARCH CAPACITY, TEACHING AND LEARNING, HIGHER EDUCATION, EMPLOYABILITY AND TRANSITION. KAZAKHSTAN.

Goodman, B. A., Montgomery, D. P. (2017, June). Building genre knowledge in multilingual contexts: The case of a Kazakhstani University. Paper presented at the European Association of Teaching Academic Writing Conference, Royal Holloway University, London. [LINK] TEACHING AND LEARNING, EMI, LANGUAGE INSTRUCTION, ACADEMIC WRITING, EMPLOYABILITY AND TRANSITION. KAZAKHSTAN.

Policy papers