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Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education

Professional development



The purpose of the project – Training of senior and middle management to transition to a new model of university governance in a phased expansion of academic and administrative autonomy of universities.

Objectives of the project:

    • Analysis and practical work on the search for new strategies for the development of higher education, the formation of a systematic understanding of the transformations in education;
    • Study and understanding of the purpose of developing strategic plans for universities, taking into account the balance of autonomy and responsibility, a systematic understanding of concrete steps in the transition phase to achieve university autonomy;
    • Formation of an understanding of the need for more active efforts to attract non-governmental funding by scientific and educational groups;
    • Creating a discussion platform among managers in the higher education sector, creating partnerships;
    • Forming a new model of strategic partnership with Nazarbayev University.

Training topics were identified in the following areas:

    • Global trends in higher education management;
    • Strategic planning and necessary reforms to support autonomy;
    • Strategy of financial and resource management;
    • Corporate governance and collegial decision-making
    • Corporate culture of universities;
    • Risk management and the role of organizational structures;
    • Characteristics of the leader in education: the competencies needed to manage change;
    • Leadership in the maintenance of innovation
    • Models of financing science and education: integration with industry and production;
    • Transfer of knowledge and commercialization of research activities;
    • Involvement and role of stakeholders;
    • Human Resource Management;
    • Ensuring the quality of education in the context of autonomy;
    • Internationalization of the University.