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Graduate School of Education


Serik Ivatov

Serik Ivatov

Program: Ph.D. in Education

Year of enrollment: 2017

What are some of the aspects of NUGSE that impressed you?

NUGSE makes a great contribution to the social and educational development of Kazakhstan. The school constantly collaborates with all educational institutions ranging from kindergartens to Ministry of Education and Science. NUGSE consults and shares its professional expertise and experience with Kazakhstani educational institutions. Given this collaboration, our professors are expanding their knowledge about our education system and culture. This enables them to contextualize what we learn during our course within Kazakhstani educational space and to make a strong connection between theoretical and practical knowledge.

How would you describe your peers at NUGSE?

What I like about my peers is that there are people with different experience and background in my cohort. This creates an opportunity for us to create a professional learning community where we can learn from one another. During our coursework, we had several group projects where we worked with one another. We learned how to collaborate with different people to achieve our goals. In addition, working in groups empowered us to exercise and develop our fortes as well as bring about and boost the new ones.

How have professors impressed you?

I was impressed by the fact that our professors do not impose what we should think, but provide us with the ways how we can think. By what to think, I mean that they do not want students to cram theories and facts since they do not treat us as containers into which they should put knowledge. On the opposite, our professors are more interested to empower students by suggesting the possible ways how to think. In this sense, students will find their own way of thinking. Thus, NUGSE professors enable us to make sense of the world in a way that benefits everyone.

How would you describe your overall experience at NUGSE with one or two words?

No pain, no gain.