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Nurkhan Omarbekov

Nurkhan Omarbekov

Program: Master of Science in Educational Leadership: Higher Education

Year of enrollment: 2016

Research area/ area of interest: Comparative and International education, Globalization

Degree hold prior: Bachelor

Current employment status: Employed

What are some of the aspects of NUGSE that impressed you?

During these two years critical thinking, risk management, gap analysis and finding new path skills were developing and enhancing course by course as well as digital literacy. No doubt that nowadays, the cost of my CV on the labour market increased for a couple of times. Especially, research skills are crucial and important nowadays for the employers, but the local students a lack of it.

What advice do you have for students who are trying to decide whether to apply to NUGSE? Any advice for prospective students on the application process?

Dear future students, before submitting your applications, please think twice about your future career path. And think on how your education at GSE is connected with your future plans. Please do not submit your applications ‘just to submit’ and ‘just to obtain masters degree’. Overall, GSE is a great place to enhance your research skills, networking with the like-minded fellows. 


 What is special about NUGSE in your opinion?

Master of Science in Educational Leadership program teaches you to be a team player, due to the reason that all the courses consist of the group presentations and group writing, where the communication between the participants are crucial in the way to success. Also, NUGSE teach you to be critical, both positive and negative.


Any other thoughts you would like to share?

Frankly speaking, before the GSE my academic writing was suffering. I have challenged during the first course. You will be lowly graded even with the brilliant ideas in your final papers if your writing will be too general. Due to the reason that the assessment criteria are equal for all the students, my final grade was disappointing to me. But instead of starting to panic, it motivated me to enhance my writing skills.