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Research Institute is a structural unit of Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE). The Institute positions itself to be a think-tank as part of the NUGSE that conducts international research projects in education policy.

Our mission and strategy

The mission of the Research Institute is high-quality research in the field of education, producing results that contribute to national and international scholarship, educational policy and practice.

The following objectives have been developed in line with the mission:

  • Expanding knowledge and understanding of the context of educational reforms and current developments taking place in Kazakhstan in order to enhance the public debate about education;
  • Developing and conducting research projects that contribute to the enhancement of educational theory, instructional practices and public policy in Kazakhstan;
  • Developing high standards of quality in research in education as well as setting examples of best practice in ethical integrity of research in Kazakhstan;
  • Participating in international research communities in relevant fields of research;
  • Providing professional support and consulting assistance to third parties that conduct joint research with the NUGSE.
Our Partners

Our research initiatives are conducted jointly with both local and international researchers. Apart from the two strategic partner-institutions – the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education – our international research initiatives involve colleagues from the University of Toronto, Columbia University and the University of Del Sacro Cuore. International collaboration provides an opportunity to explore fundamental questions of education from international and global perspectives.