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Kazakhstan Educational Research Association (

Kazakhstan Educational Research Association (KERA) was established in 2014 following the NUGSE initiative. The idea of establishing a national organisation that would operate on a membership basis and render support to educational researchers as well as promote quality research in Kazakhstan belongs to Professor David Bridges of the University of Cambridge who has been actively engaged in research projects in the field of education in Kazakhstan. The staff and senior management of NUGSE have enthusiastically supported the proposal.


The mission of KERA is to promote educational research and improve quality of educational thought and practice. The objectives include:

    • promoting of research across fundamental questions of education in Kazakhstan;
    • providing support to members and especially early career researchers in designing and conducting educational research studies;
    • contributing to education policy development and implementation directed towards the improvement of educational research and pedagogies;
    • establishing a network of educational researchers in order to disseminate and share research findings.