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Graduate School of Education



M.Sc. in Educational Leadership: Inclusive Education

Inclusive Education is a policy approach that recognizes and acknowledges the diversity of students at all levels of education: pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, and lifelong learning throughout adulthood.

Inclusive Education requires informed, strategic, and transformational leaders who will support the achievement and excellence of all students, and work actively and proactively to achieve that success. These are the educational leaders we educate in the M.Sc. in Educational Leadership: Inclusive Education program at NUGSE.
Students will combine core courses in Educational Leadership and Educational Context and Reform in Kazakhstan with electives, such as Theories of Inclusive Education, Inclusive Education Policy Perspectives, and Psychology and Special Education Needs. Through this coursework, students will learn to theorize about inclusion and develop professional skills in identifying and addressing barriers to inclusion in education and in the broader society. They will explore key models and perspectives of inclusion globally and apply them to the emerging Kazakhstan inclusive education model.
Students will also develop the quantitative and qualitative research skills that will enable them to conduct an independent research project on an important topic in inclusive education.
The graduates of the M.Sc. Inclusive Education specialization will be prepared for further doctoral study and careers in education ministries and other government institutions, development agencies, NGOs, think tanks and universities.