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Graduate School of Education



Benefits of the M.Sc. in Educational Leadership program

Combining intensive on-campus sessions with online learning experiences, the NUGSE M.Sc. in Educational Leadership provides a high quality, international-standard, research-based Master’s program that:

NUGSE M.Sc. in Educational Leadership graduates will join a growing community of educators and scholars in Kazakhstan and elsewhere with enhanced capacity to:

  • Understand key educational trends, theories, issues and debates for education reform in national, regional and international contexts

  • Analyze educational reform policies, their contexts, and their significance at institutional, national and international levels

  • Apply program learning directly to their work in their home institutions

  • Design and conduct a rigorous research project on an important national education topic of their choice

  • Develop strategies for leading and managing change in their workplace

  • Work collaboratively and productively in multilingual, multicultural contexts

  • Participate in professional and academic discussions and debates on education reform both within Kazakhstan and in other international and national contexts