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Graduate School of Education

Zakir Jumakulov


Zakir Jumakulov
Director of Research Programs
Office Phone:
+ 7 (7172) 706291(direct)


Master of public policy

Bachelor of foreign languages


Professional biography

Zakir Jumakulov is a Director Research Projects at NUGSE. In 2018 Zakir involved in institutional research on organizational culture and engagement for companies of Samruk Kazyna, a sovereign wealth fund of Kazakhstan. From 2012 till 2018 Zakir was a junior researcher at NUGSE.  He was coordinator of annual Eurasian Higher Education Leaders’ Forum in 2013-2017. Zakir obtained his master’ degree in Public Policy from Michigan State University, USA, through Bolashak scholarship program.


  • “Scopus Award Kazakhstan 2019” - award by Elsevier for contribution to the national science measured by the number of published scientific articles and their citation in international journals
  • “Leader of Science” - award by Thomson Reuters and National Center for Science and Technology Information for publication in highest impact factor journal in social sciences in years 2011-2015 among Kazakhstani scholars.


Research area

  • Organizational culture and leadership
  • Internationalization of higher education
  • "Borrowing" policy in the field of education
  • Human development
  • Financing of higher education


Research topic

  • International scholarship programs’ contribution to the development of human capital
  • Student mobility in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
  • Challenges in implementing the principles of the Bologna process
  • National strategies for the internationalization of education
  • Internationalization of the study
  • Student educational loans


Participation in research projects

  • Development of the best internationalization practice models of higher education in Kazakhstan: 2014-2016
  • Students’ foreign education funding factors: assessment of the national scholarship foreign education programs: 2013.
  • Internationalization as a strategic factor of education and science development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of socio-economic globalization: 2011-2013.
  • Student educational grants as a tool to increase equal access to higher education in Kazakhstan



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