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Duishon Shamatov


Duishon Shamatov
Associate Professor
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Higher education


PhD in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, 2005

University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, Toronto, Canada

“The Beginning Teachers’ Professional Socialization in Post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan: Challenges and Coping Strategies”, adviser: Dennis Thiessen


Master of Education in Teacher Education, 1998

Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development, Karachi, Pakistan

 “Reconceptualization of Assessment Practices in a Developing Country Context” (with Distinction), adviser: Robert Baker


English teacher diploma, 1993

Osh State University, Department of Foreign Languages


Courses taught at GSE:

  • EDUC 600 Research Methods in Education (Qualitative) 
  • EDUC 612 Professional Identity
  • EDSE 630 Professional Identity
  • EDUC 701 Education Research Methods (Qualitative)
  • EDUC 670/671 Work-Based / Internship Project
  • EDUC 675 Learning to Work
  • EDUC 750 Dissertation Research
  • EDSE 692 Thesis Seminar 

Thematic areas:

School education

Higher education

Other cross-sectional issues in education

Research subthemes:

Curriculum issues, teaching and learning, assessment, leadership, teacher identity, educational reform and policy, teacher development, research capacity, school improvement

Geographic areas:

Central Asia and Eurasia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), South Asia (Pakistan)


Funded Projects:

  • Promoting tri-lingual education in Kazakhstan by applying CLIL model into teaching process at multilingual schools within the context of state program: Language Development 2011-2020 (MOES grant, won together with Davran Gaipov of SDU) in 2015. NU Seed Grant in 2014
  • Review of Early Grade Reading (Review of current pedagogy, materials and factors affecting early grade reading). Commissioned by JBS International for USAID in 2011
  • Impact Evaluation Study of USAID’s education project titled Quality Learning Project in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. By JBS International in 2011
  • The baseline survey on a project “Improving Access to Quality Primary Education in Hajja, Yemen” and the study was commissioned by CARE International in 2011
  • The Comparative Analysis of National Testing Centres in Four Countries.  The project is commissioned by Open Society Institute in 2010
  • Grant from Canadian International Development Agency to conduct a project “Educational Development for Central Asia” in 2008.  The project explored mechanisms and procedures of peer review as one of the vital means to develop and ensure quality of scholarly publications
  • Research study titled “Experiences of Primary Teacher Deployment in Pakistan” together with Rizvi, M and Siddiqui, N.  Research project was commissioned by the Commonwealth in 2006.



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Chapters in edited volumes

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Book reviews

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