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Dr. Aida Sagintayeva
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Higher education
Doctor Sagintayeva (Ph.D., Ablai Khan Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages) is a person who started her professional career from being a faculty at Taraz State University named after M. H. Dulati. Dr. Sagintayeva was a Vice-Rector for International Cooperation at the Eurasian National University. She has been involved in educational research projects at the Ministry of Education and Science on gearing Kazakhstan’s higher education system towards the European three-tiered degree system and has coordinated a ministerial initiative aimed at introducing Western PhD programmes in Kazakhstan. Also she was formerly president of the Bolashak International Scholarship Office. For nowadays Dr. Sagintayeva is an associate professor at L.N. Gumilyov ENU. Dr. Sagintayeva is the author and co-author of more than 50 scientific journal articles and several methodological books dealing with language issues, foreign language education, educational reforms, internationalization of higher education, educational policy, and administration in higher education. 
Research activities:
Dr. Sagintayeva leads three research projects as principle investigator at NUGSE Research Institute: 
Research Project: “Development of Models of Best Practices of Internationalization of Higher Education in Kazakhstan (2014 – 2016)”.
Research Project: “Development of Models of Best Practices of Academic Leadership and Management in Higher Education Institutions of Kazakhstan (2014-2016)”
Research Project: “Development of Strategic Directions for Education Reforms in Kazakhstan for 2015–2020”.
Selected publications for last years:
  • Jumakulov, Z., Ashirbekov, A., Sparks, J., & Sagintayeva, A. (2019). Internationalizing Research in Kazakhstan Higher Education: A Case Study of Kazakhstan’s State Program of Industrial Innovative Development 2015 to 2019. Journal of Studies in International Education, 23(2), 234-247.

  • Hartley, M., Gopaul, B., Sagintayeva, A., & Apergenova, R. (2016). Learning autonomy: higher education reform in Kazakhstan. Higher Education, 72(3), 277-289.

  • Sagintayeva, A. & Jumakulov Z. (2015). Kazakhstan’s Bolashak Scholarship Program. International Higher Education, 79, 21-23.

  • Сагинтаева, A., Орынханов, M. (2015). Аспекты корпоративного управления вузами: опыт других стран. Высшая Школа Казахстана, 4, 16-18.

  • Sagintayeva, A. & Kurakbayev, K. (2014). Understanding the Transition of Public Universities to Institutional Autonomy in Kazakhstan. European Journal of Higher Education, 5(2), 197-210. doi:10.1080/21568235.2014.967794

  • Sagintayeva, A. & Kurakbayev, K. (2012). The Impact of Global University Rankings on Higher Education Management and Policy in Kazakhstan. Evaluation in Higher Education6(2), 47-57.