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Amanda Ajodhia


Amanda Ajodhia
Assistant Professor
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Pre-school education


Dr. Ajodhia holds a PhD from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development), an MA from Ryerson University (Early Childhood Studies), and a BSc (Hons) from the University of Toronto (Psychology Specialist).


Courses taught at GSE:

  • EDUC 640: Research Thesis Seminar I, II, III, IV, MSc. School Education
  • EDUC 600: Research Methods, M.A. Multilingual Education
  • EDIE 650:Theories of Inclusive Education,MSc. Inclusive Education
  • EDIE 620: Perspectives on Inclusive Education, M.A. Multilingual Education
  • EDUC670/671: Internship Project/Work-based Project, MSc. Inclusive Education


Thematic areas of research specialization: 

Pre-school education

School education

Inclusive education

Research subthemes:

inclusive education (including international perspectives), minority education, critical theories, curriculum, teacher development (teaching and learning), qualitative methods of inquiry, participatory research with young people

Geographic areas of research specialization: 

Canada, Guyana, Cambodia, Kazakhstan



Peer Reviewed Journal Articles:

  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A.(2016). Reflexively conducting research with ethnically diverse children with disabilities.The Qualitative Report,21(2), 252-287.
  •  Ajodhia-Andrews, A.  (2014).  “I don’t think I get bullied because I am different or because I have autism”:  Bullying experiences among middle years children with disabilities and other differences. Canadian Journal of Disability Studies, 3(1), 121-151.
  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A. (2013).Official discourses, teachers’ practices, and inclusion for minoritized students: A review of works by critical theorists. Critical Intersections in Education, 1(1), 34-49.
  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A.  (2011). Reflections of artful experiences in contouring educative and scholarly practices:  Self-                study analysis through narrative inquiry.  International Journal of Learning, 17(11), 111-122.
  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A., & Frankel, E.B.  (2010). Inclusive education in Guyana:  A call for change.  International Journal of Special Education, 25(1), 126-144.
  • Frankel, E.B., Gold, S., &Ajodhia-Andrews, A.  (2010). International preschool inclusion:  Bridging the gap between vision and practices. Young Exceptional Children, 13(5), 2-16. 
  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A., & Berman, R. (2009). Exploring school-life from the lens of a child who does not use speech to communicate.Qualitative Inquiry, 15(5), 931-951.

Monographs, Books, and Book Chapters:

  •  Ajodhia, A. (2017).  Arts/Image-Based Creative Co-research with Disabled Children: Practical Dilemmas of the Research Process.   In M. Emme& A. Kirova (Eds.), Good Question! Creative Research Collaborations with Kids (Chapter 6) .Victoria, BC:  The Canadian Society for Education through Art. (available through iBooks,, and Barnes and Noble).
  • Ajodhia-Andrews, A. (2016).  Voices and Visions from Ethnoculturally Diverse Young People with Disabilities.Rotterdam, Netherlands: Sense Publishers. (available through Sense,, and Barnes and Noble)