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Anna CohenMiller


Anna CohenMiller
Assistant Professor
Office Phone:
+7 (7172) 694957
Higher education


PhD in Interdisciplinary Learning & Teaching, 2014

University of Texas, San Antonio, USA

“The Phenomenon of Doctoral Student Motherhood/Mothering in Academia: Cultural Construction, Presentation of Self, and Situated Learning,” Advisor: Elizabeth Pate


MA in Bicultural-Bilingual Studies, 2008

University of Texas, San Antonio, USA

“‘Do You Speak Alien?’ The Ups and Downs of a Spanish Language Preschool Program,” Advisor: Armando Trujillo


Honors BA in Anthropology and Linguistics, Spanish Minor, 2002

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

“From Subtitling to Dubbing: Language and Power in Film Translation in Spain,” Advisor: David Samuels


Courses taught at GSE:

  • EDUC 600: Research Methods I, MSc Educational Leadership—Fall 2015, Fall 2016
  • EDUC 600 (re-developed course): Research Methods II – Qualitative Research, MSc Educational Leadership, Higher Education – Fall 2017
  • EDUC 601: Research Methods II, MSc Educational Leadership, Higher Education – Fall 2016
  • EDUC 603: Graduate student tutorial, MSc Educational Leadership—Fall 2015
  • EDUC 607/EDSE: Foundations of Early Childhood Education, MSc Educational Leadership, School Education—Summer 2015, Spring 2016, & Spring 2017
  • EDHE 648: Perspectives of Teacher Education, MSc Educational Leadership, Higher Education —Summer 2017
  • EDUC 640/690: Thesis seminar I, II, III, IV, MSc Educational Leadership, School Education—Summer 2015, Fall 2016, Spring 2016, Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2018
  • EDHE 650: Innovative Research Methods: Answering the Complicated, Contemporary Questions in Higher Education—Summer 2018
  • EDUC 671: Workplace/Internship, MSc Educational Leadership, School Education —Spring 2017
  • EDUC 675: Learning to Work, MSc Educational Leadership, School EducationSpring 2018
  • EDUC 710: Educational Studies in Context, PhD in Education, Fall 2016


Thematic areas:

Higher education

School education

Preschool education

Other cross-sectional issues in education

Research subthemes:

innovative research methods, qualitative research methods, arts-based research, social media research, interdisciplinarity, diversity, equity, faculty, work/family balance, parenting in higher education, mothers in academia, gender in education, teaching and learning

Geographic areas: North America (USA), Eurasia and Central Asia (Kazakhstan), Europe (UK, Czech Republic, Finland), Oceania (New Zealand)


Funded Projects:

Gender Audit of Formal Curriculum at Nazarbayev University: Pilot project for gender audits in Kazakhstan organizations (Co-PI), 2017. Project funded by the United Nations Development Program, Kazakhstan. $2,500

Cooperative learning workshop to learn, deeply reflect, and advocate for graduate student mothers, (PI), 2017. Project funded by Sociologists for Women in Society Social Action Grant. University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA. $500

Exploring young people’s psychological wellbeing and school engagement in Kazakhstan, (Deputy), 2015-2017. Project funded by the British Council, Newton – Al-Farabi Institutional Links Program, United Kingdom. $350.000

Integrating International Collaborations in Qualitative Research Methods:

Portraiture, Mothers, and Higher Education, (PI), 2015-2016. Projected funded by NUGSE Social Grant. Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan. $12,211



* identifies collaborative work to support graduate students (*) when the publication was submitted

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