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Learning from popular culture’s changing ideals of normativity

As Editor in Chief of Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy, Dr. Anna CohenMiller has just published the latest issue, Bodies in Motion: Rethinking Imagery, Tradition, and Teaching.

In its ninth year, Dialogue includes an international editorial team including two faculty from Graduate School of Education, Miriam Sciala and Robert Gordyn as Copy Editors, and Douglas CohenMiller as Creative Director. The issue includes a collection of eight articles that critically engage with cultural expectations and pedagogical practice related to literary, musical, visual, textual and digital understanding. As Dr. CohenMiller highlights in her editorial, "As audiences and scholars, we have an opportunity to learn from popular culture’s changing ideals of normativity...What we see, what we experience, and what and how we learn all provide means for challenging the normative in popular culture and pedagogy.”
The full issue can be downloaded here: