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NORRAG Special Issue Launching Event and Monograph Presentation at NUGSE

Launching event of NORRAG Special Issue #1 took place on December 20 at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. Different stakeholders of educational policy such as representatives from Information and Analytical Center, Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools and Gumilov Eurasian National University, as well as Nazarbayev University faculty, staff and graduate students participated in this event. Norrag special issue # 1, The right to Education Movements and Policies: Promises and Realities, is published by the similarly named global network in the field of educational policy. Activity of NORRAG aimed to extend the access to education and to improve its quality. Publications issues in Russian will continue. The current Russian version of the issue was prepared by Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education. Alima Ibrasheva, the Acting Director of Research Institute of NUGSE presented the content of the issue. The audience reflected on the current Kazakhstani context in attaining Sustainable Development Goals #4. In particular, they discussed on global activities contributing to these goals. Gita Steiner-Khamsi, the Director of NORRAG and a Professor of Columbia University and Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies joined online to the launching event. There was conversation about current debates in education about the role of providers of education with the audience. It was more about quality, inclusion and equity issues in provision of education. Especially, the exclusion is occurring due to the social economic status, poverty and location in rural or urban area. Conversation brought important points on right to the quality education and effectiveness of schooling Following on this launching event, there was the presentation of the monograph, Corporate Governance: Kazakhstani Higher Education Institution, by the authors. Aida Sagintayeva, the Doctor and Dean of NUGSE, and Darkhan Bilyalov, Assistant Professor and Doctor, introduced the content of the monograph and shared their experience in researching corporate governance in HEIs of Kazakhstan and writing the monograph. Authors of these publications are international and Kazakhstani researchers. Kazakhstani authors’ team includes also Professors Murat Orynkhanov and Fatima Zhakypova as well as Renata Apergenova, Dina Gungor and Dauren Aben. Partners from Pennsylvania University Graduate School of Education collaborated in conducting study and writing the monograph. They are Peter Eckel, a Senior Researcher and Doctor, and Matthew Hartley, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Doctor.