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GSE Professor Publishes 4 Papers in Social Identities

Professor Naureen Durrani, Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University, has co-authored four papers, along with research collaborators, Prof Mairead Dunne (University of Sussex), Dr Barbara Crossouard (University of Sussex) and Dr Kathleen Fincham (St Mary's University). All four papers are included in a special issue, "Pluralising Muslim Youth Identities: Nation, Religion and Gender in the Global South" of the journal "Social Identities" published by Taylor & Francis.

Durrani, N. & Crossouard, B. (2020) National Identities and the External Other in Muslim Majority Contexts: Youth Narratives in Pakistan and Senegal, Social Identities 26(3), 314-329.

Dunne, M., Durrani, N., Fincham, K. & Crossouard, B. (2020) Pluralising Islam: doing Muslim identities differently, Social Identities 26(3), 345-360.

Crossouard, B., Dunne, M. & Durrani, N. (2020) Understanding agency differently: female youth’s Muslim identities, Social Identities, 26(3), 361-375. 

Dunne, M., Fincham, K., Crossouard, B. & Durrani, N. (2020) Gender symbolism and the expression of post-colonial national and religious identities, Social Identities, 26(3), 376-387.