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Faculty Development: time to engage with institutional research

June, 13, 2018 – Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education is holding the second stream of university faculty and heads of medical universities. Dr. Alima Ibrasheva, Senior Fellow of NUGSE Research Institute, has engaged program participants with the discussion of new opportunities for organizing management of academic departments, schools and administrative units of higher education institutions, given the implementation of project management in the field of health care and the expansion of university autonomy. In the interactive session format, participants had an opportunity to reflect on the new realities of their work. According to Dr. Alima Ibrasheva, new approaches to reforming medical education demand every employee and faculty member as well as larger structural units of the university to master project management skills and be able to conduct institutional research. The latter involves data collection, data analysis and their representation in an easily perceivable form. Decisions taken on the department and institutional level should be backed up with the data analysis.