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A NUGSE publication exploring the subject of women and motherhood in academia has been published in Nature Public Health Emergency Collection journal

We are pleased to announce that an article co-authored by the NUGSE professor Anna CohenMiller and NUGSE PhD student Zhanna Izekenova has been published in the prestigious Nature Public Health Emergency Collection journal. The publication explores an important issue of motherhood and academia and is, undoubtedly, a valuable addition to the global research in the field of women employment, gender inequalities and emotional wellbeing.
Combining motherhood and academic work in higher education has been discussed for decades with the pandemic further exposing the inequalities. This crisis has significantly impacted the daily life of mothers in academia as they devote more time to keep their careers on track, produce papers, and take on other parenting and schooling responsibilities. The paper by Dr Anna CohenMiller and Zhanna Izekenova employs photovoice as an online methodology to document the real-life experiences of 68 women from nine countries who work and parent children in the sudden transition to remote working and learning environments. By explaining the photographs from their perspective, the participants in this study were able to capture their lived experiences, discuss working from home while guiding children in online learning, and create suggestions for ways academic institutions can alleviate gender inequality. The article explores the critical issues of academic work and childrearing drawing international attention to address issues of equity and inclusion in higher education among researchers, policymakers, and institutions.
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