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The Role of Academic Honesty in Education

More than 120 school teachers, college faculty, PhD and MS students, employees of research organizations from Kazakhstan and neighboring countries took part in the webinar on "The Role of Academic Honesty in Education" by Duishon Shamatov, Professor of NUGSE.

During the webinar, Professor Shamatov explained to the participants that academic dishonesty is mistakenly understood only as plagiarism, while there are other types of deception that should also be attributed to a violation of the principles of academic honesty. He also elaborated on sanctions taken in cases of academic dishonesty, shared his experience and ideas on how to explain the rules and principles of academic honesty to students. The webinar held in an interactive mode ended with a special test to check the knowledge of the topic.

According to the participants, the topic of the webinar by Professor Shamatov is very relevant for the education system. "I'd love to have webinars on this topic to continue. This is very important, because I have been working in the secondary education system for a long time and I often encounter plagiarism - author's works are sold, students research projects, articles at conferences, and teachers' books with purchased works are published. This is something terrible for me, what should I do? - wrote Maira Rakhymbayeva, one of the participants, after the webinar.