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The results of the NU Faculty Competitive Grant Program have been announced at NUGSE

According to the results, the grants will be awarded to the following Principal Investigators and the following projects: 
Kathy Malone: "Dramatic Inquiry, Engineering Design, Primary Students’ and STEM vs STEAM 
Naureen Durrani: Gender and schooling in Kazakhstan: A mixed methods study 
Ainur Almukhambetova "Why the pipeline leaks? Understanding female higher education students' experiences in STEM education in Kazakhstan"
Sulochini Pather "Diagnosing Children with Special Educational Needs in Kazakhstan"
Among the grant holders is Ainur Almukhambetova, postdoctoral researcher and a graduate of NUGSE. Together with Daniel Hernandez Torrano and Aliya Kuzhabekova, she will study the experiences of young women pursuing the education in STEM disciplines in Kazakhstan in order to understand the challenges and opportunities that they face and the individual, institutional and contextual factors related to their retention and progression in STEM.

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