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The monograph “Questions in Qualitative Social Justice Research in Multicultural Contexts” has been published 

Working with a top publisher for research methods, Dr. Anna CohenMiller has just published a monograph with Dr. Nettie Boivin, Questions in Qualitative Social Justice Research in Multicultural Contexts. The book has been endorsed internationally as "a must-read", "a vital resource", "inspirational", and "the social justice thinking text for all qualitative researchers" whether as early-career or more senior researchers wanting to create a more socially just world.

It takes readers on an accessible and inspiring journey to critically self-reflect on current or future research practices to encourage and facilitate greater equity, inclusion, and social justice in qualitative research.

The book raises awareness of key multidimensional aspects of social justice, such as power, privilege, trust, insider-outsiderness, ethics, arts-based, co-produced, and decolonial research. The authors connect theory and conceptual constructs with practical in-field realities, guiding researchers through the dynamic, evolving steps to give voice to and promote social justice practices in research."

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