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The journal “Research in Education” (RiE) resumes its work

In 2016, NUGSE created the journal "Research in Education" - "Research in Education" (RiE). The publication is addressed to education leaders, politicians, researchers and students interested in education topics.

On the pages of "Research in Education", novice researchers, graduates and PhD students share their knowledge and views on current and future changes in education, contributing to an understanding of the unique educational context of Kazakhstan.

The new edition was successfully published every six months, but due to COVID-19, the issue of the magazine was suspended. Today, work on the publication has resumed and readers of the magazine will be able to see the new issue in summer 2023.

For now, we remind you that the previous issues of the journal "Research in Education" can be found on the NUGSE website here

And some more information for future authors and readers:

The journal is dedicated to the education reform in Kazakhstan and presents original scientific works in English in the form of empirical studies, critical reviews of articles/books, theoretical analytical articles and evaluation articles on policy analysis. Published articles will belong to the following categories: internationalization, globalization, international cooperation, national and transnational politics, administration/management, finance, vocational education institutions, curricula, mobility, inclusion, minority issues, gender issues, leadership in education.