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The Graduate School of Education of Nazarbayev University, as part of the experience broadcast, has launched a professional development program on Leadership in education for Pavlodar Pedagogical University.

Today, on June 6, the opening ceremony was held with the participation of the Rector of Pavlodar Pedagogical University - Zhilbayev Zhanbol, as well as the Vice-Dean for Research Tsediso Makoelle and Director of Advanced Training Programs of the Graduate School of Education Zhontaeva Zhanyl Alpamysovna.
Zhanbol Oktiabrovich noted that Pavlodar Pedagogical University was one of the first to initiate the broadcast of the experience of Nazarbayev University, having redesigned the structure of the university. "As experience has shown, the transition to higher schools and committees turned out to be less difficult than the transition to a new educational paradigm, the values of which are academic integrity, quality of education, research, inclusion, etc. It required a complete transition to student-centered learning, a revision of the content of all educational programs, methods, and forms of assessment, taking into account an inclusive approach and a focus on lifelong learning. For 3 years, teachers of our university studied the experience of Nazarbayev University and broadcast it at the university, participated in seminars, and webinars, and went to the university to study the infrastructure and content of educational programs", said Zhanbol Zhilbayev at the opening of the program.
The program will run from June 6 to July 4, 2022. The program will consist of 3 modules:
Module 1. Educational leadership and management in Higher Education
Module 2. Research activities at the university
Module 3. Academic activity and student service
The course program aims to give students the opportunity to study key aspects of management and educational activities in the context of the transformation of universities in order to achieve institutional efficiency and academic excellence. Within the framework of the program, students will receive relevant knowledge and skills in general and functional management, necessary for strategic and scenario planning, work with human resources, and management of research and academic activities in higher educational institutions.
At the end of the training, the participants will be divided into groups to defend their projects. The projects will be defended under the supervision of the project manager Ali Ait Si Mhamed, an Program Director at the Graduate School of Education.