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The founders of the first mobile application in Kazakhstan to promote inclusion held a hackathon dedicated to the further development of their product

Ozim Platform Hackathon, organized by the creators of the first mobile application in Kazakhstan for parents of children with special needs, was attended by students and graduates of the master's program of the Graduate School of Education of Nazarbayev University with a specialization in "Inclusive Education", IT specialists with successful experience in developing mobile applications, experts from various fields related to inclusive education and, most importantly, the parents of children with special needs themselves. 

The main purpose of the unique event was for its participants to develop and present innovative solutions for the further development of the Ozim Platform mobile application. The hackathon event provided an excellent opportunity to hear the target audience of the project and get feedback for further improvement of the platform. 

According to Asem Tazhiyeva, the founder of Ozim Platform project, the next step of this social project aimed at improving the quality of life of children with special needs and special information support for their parents will be the implementation of the ideas formed during the hackathon in practice. 

The Ozim Platform Hackathon was held as part of the implementation of the Ozim social project, funded by Nazarbayev University Social Development Fund. The project is of particular importance

to expand access to knowledge about early intervention, as well as the development of inclusion in Kazakh society. 

Recall that this information platform was founded by graduates of the Higher School of Education Asem Tazhieva, Maria Ippolitova and Dana Mambetalina. The Ozim platform project also involves an expert in the field of inclusion, Assistant Professor of the Graduate School of Education Rita Kasha, an audit of the accessibility of the application for blind and visually impaired people was conducted by digital inclusion expert Ziyat Abdykaimov, also a graduate of the Higher School of Education. 

The mobile application based on Android and IOS gives access to various materials prepared by specialized specialists, contains advice from experts, psychologists, lawyers, various videos for practical classes with children at home, a database of rehabilitation organizations and many other important information.