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Social projects of NUGSE representatives are among the best

The social projects of NUGSE representatives are among the best and will receive grant support.

NUGSE professor Duishonkul Shamatov and second-year doctoral (PhD) student Gauhar Kiikova were among the winners of the Jas Social Impact competition organized by the Nazarbayev University Social Development Fund. 

Duishonkul Shamatov will participate as an expert on the NU Library staff team to implement the InfoSauattylyg project, which aims to build the knowledge, skills and abilities of school librarians, teachers, and students in Akmola Oblast in the areas of media and information literacy, academic honesty, and inclusion.

Gaukhar Kiikova heads the NGO ‘OYNA’ Childhood Institute, which works to improve the quality of childhood in Kazakhstan, as well as the awareness of parents and preschool teachers about the achievements of world science in this area. ‘Our approaches and standards in child development are very outdated and have nothing in common with modern scientific data, and the quality of preschool education leaves much to be desired,’ says Gaukhar Kiikova. 

Her ‘Alaqan’ project will help parents pay attention to areas important to a child’s healthy development and help children form healthy habits. Recommendations will be based on current scientific evidence in 5 areas: physical activity, reduction of screen time, free play, water schedule and fruit and vegetable consumption. The ‘Alaqan’ project will contribute to parents’ understanding of the formation of important habits in children under 6 years old, providing them with information resources and tools to use with their children (examples of exercises, checklists, games and more).

We wish our colleagues success in working on important and useful projects for society!