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Research seminar “Educational change” by Dr. Hargreaves

On 22 April, Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education hosted an online research seminar “Educational change” by Dr. Hargreaves. 

Andy Hargreaves is Visiting Professor at the University of Ottawa and Research Professor in the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. He also holds Visiting Professorships at Hong Kong University and the University of Stavanger in Norway. The seminar audience was diverse, including NUGSE faculty, researchers, Ph.D. and master`s students, alumni, as well as other education stakeholders, such as teacher-practitioners, international scholars, faculty from other Kazakhstani universities and educators from the Kyrgyz Republic. 

The seminar covered a range of important and serious issues, such as effect of change on teachers’ work, leading educational change, the importance of teachers` well-being, developing collaborative culture and leading change beyond the Pandemic.