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Playing to think critically: a Delphi study

Our 3d year Ph.D. student Stanislav Khanin is just back from Transforming Education Conference for Humanity 2018 (TECH2018) held in Vizag, India. The conference organized by UNESCO MGIEP brought together over 1000 professionals from academia, gaming industry, and schools; including developers of Minecraft Education, World Rescue, Collective Human Intelligence, Angry Birds and not limited to that.

Stanislav presented his doctoral research on how/whether digital games can be used to promote critical thinking. His research is a Delphi method study that is bringing together global experts in educational and technology spheres to generate knowledge and form a consensus. This research design gathers survey data then analyses and summarizes these data to share back to participants in the research study. From each of the three stages of the data collection, participants will receive a summary of the consensus on thinking about critical thinking and digital games.

For now, he already has experts that have registered from India, Canada, USA, France, Australia, China, and Singapore.

Good news is that you can be a part of this amazing learning opportunity too! If you possess experience which in one way or another is about edu. technology and critical thinking/problem solving, click the link to know more and join. Promo video below! #technology #gaming #education #criticalthinking