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NUGSE professors participate in the training seminar as experts in the development of educational programs 

The seminar on the project "Modernization of Secondary Education", organized by the HAMK University of Applied Sciences of Finland with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, is held in Nur-Sultan from February 21 to March 03 this year. 

Under the guidance of experts from Finnish Häme University of Applied Sciences and Nazarbayev University, the seminar participants are trained in new pedagogical practices and the compilation of educational programs. The seminar is attended by 133 representatives of 17 universities of Kazakhstan, where teaching staff is being trained. 

The result of the two-week joint work of experts from the universities of Finland, Nazarbayev University and representatives of pedagogical universities of Kazakhstan will be the presentation of 30 Educational programs created to improve the quality of pedagogical education.

Among the experts from Nazarbayev University are Aizhan Mussina, Aliya Suleymenova, as well as NUGSE professors Elaine Sharplin, Duishon Shamatov, Mir Afzal and others.