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NUGSE Professor Daniel Torrano has been awarded the International Scopus Award 2022

NUGSE Professor Daniel Torrano has been awarded the prestigious International Scopus Award 2022 for his special contribution to the development of science. The Scopus Awards are presented annually to scientists from around the world who have made outstanding contributions to research in their field and have a high Hirsch index (international citation index), and are aimed at their support and international recognition.
The International Scopus Awards are an objective indicator of the achievements of scientists. The contribution of an individual author to the development of national science is measured by the number of published scientific articles and their citations in international journals and excludes subjective assessment. The number of published articles is indexed using the SCOPUS database, the world largest multidisciplinary abstract database, which contains more than 23,000 titles of scientific, technical and medical journals from 7,000 international publishers.
Professor Daniel Torrano specializes in the fields of Educational Psychology, Inclusive Education, Mental Health and Psychological Well-being, and Quantitative Research Methodology. Currently, he leads a research project aimed at examining the mental health and help-seeking behaviors of university students in Kazakhstan.
Congratulations to Professor Daniel Torrano and best wishes for his creative achievements and new accomplishments in the field of science!