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NUGSE holds PSPU deans internship

Deans of Pavlodar State Pedagogical University were trained for three days in our Graduate School of Education. The internship was a form of post-course support for the deans trained in the autumn of this year, when a GSE professors and staff team held a refresher course on "Leadership in education" at PSPU.

According to colleagues from Pavlodar, the refresher course was the beginning of major transformations of the management architecture, design of educational programs, the ecosystem and all related processes in PSPU. But effective transformation always requires the "practical" experience of those who have academic excellence in such matters.

The first point of the internship was the participation of our guests in the Academic Council and Working Group for doctoral studies. Deans were introduced to the working moments and procedures of current management and decision-making on educational programs improvement.
The meeting with GSE faculty provided an opportunity to ask key questions and get meaningful response.
The academic department shared its technologies on student recruitment, management of current academic processes. The visit to the meeting of the Internationalization Committee gave an opportunity to learn in practice about how corporate and collegial management operates on the example of internationalization issues.

An important event of the second day was a meeting with Kadisha Dairova, Vice-President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation at Nazarbayev University, who shared her experience in educational work with students of the international level university.

The deans of PSPU highly appreciated the benefit of meetings with Aida Sagintayeva, Dean, Yerlan Shulanov, Executive Director and Jason Sparks, Vice-Dean of GSE. These meetings provided an opportunity to understand the distribution of roles and responsibilities in the management of the University School in the conditions of collegial management.

The deans of PSPU also met with representatives of the GSE personnel department. Involvement of School professors in future teachers hiring process was interesting for them. The main idea is that the recruitment of faculty is conducted primarily to the educational program.

The third day was devoted to the study of the educational process and scientific research. The guests attended academic classes of doctoral students. Individual sessions-conversations with professors of the school provided answers to questions related to learning strategies, principles, tools and evaluation procedures.
The Department of Science, in turn, "immersed" deans in actual research in the field of education.

Positive attitude, positive feedback allow us to hope that the experience of the Graduate School of Education of Nazarbayev University will be successfully translated into Pavlodar State Pedagogical University and will give a multiplier effect in the education sector of the region.