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Higher Ed Learning Collective: Kazakhstan leads the way in aiding educators worldwide

Starting with a handful of founding members, including Anna CohenMiller of Nazarbayev University’s Graduate School of Education, the Higher Ed Learning Collective began as a support for teaching facing a move to online learning. The Collective now includes over 24,000 members, representing over 99 countries, with over a hundred members in Kazakhstan.

Responding to the needs of the University, CohenMiller first wrote a short piece about how to jump into online teaching, then created a document with practical tips for online learning integrating insights from her work with the Innovative Learning Hub at NU prior to creating the Learning Collective. Working hand-in-hand with John Broome in the United States and internationally, the Collective provides a space to discuss the major shifts occurring in higher education worldwide.

CohenMiller’s work has now been highlighted and promoted for tips and resources across disciplines and international outlets. For example, the resultant set of resources are promoting opportunities for collective support and ideas for the future of higher education at NU and internationally, such as in collected repositories for sociology and education.