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GSE scientists have completed the “Creating conditions for inclusive education in Kazakhstan” project

Nazarbayev University hosted a scientific presentation of the report and a "Creating conditions for inclusive education in Kazakhstan" round table, which was the study outcome of resource centers of three general education schools of the capital, conducted by a group of GSE scientists.

The research team, which included project supervisor Rita Casa, Janet Helmer, Daniel Torrano, Michelle Somerton and Michael Tzediso conducted a case study of resource centers established in schools with the support of the DARA Foundation. It should be noted that the authors of the report express gratitude to the DARA Foundation for providing objective information on their school resource centers.

The researchers conducted interviews with representatives of school authorities, resource centers for inclusive education, the Ministry of Education and Science, The Department of Education, non-governmental organizations and parents of children with special educational needs. The resarch shows that the school resource centers for inclusive education, established in three schools, laid the foundation for inclusive education in schools that had not previously prioritised this issue. The presence of a school resource centers for inclusive education raises the issue of including children with special educational needs in the educational process. The creation of resource centers changes the attitude to the capabilities of inclusive education in general education schools, which leads to a change in the culture of the school on the issue of inclusion one step at a time.

The study also revealed challenges in the work of school resource centers and in the area of inclusive education development. The section of the report with recommendations on what to do next concerning the development of inclusive education is of a particular interest. This report will be useful to all who are interested in the process of implementation of inclusive education in general education schools in Kazakhstan.