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Effective teaching strategies by Professor Duishon Shamatov



On January 10, 2019 Duishon  Shamatov, PhD, associate professor of NUGSE, graduate of Osh State University, department of world languages, conducted a seminar with the staff of Kyrgyz Academy of Education titled “Effective teaching strategies”. Participants dynamically engaged in the seminar with the help of interactive teaching methods: warm up (broken telephone, finding suitable words), brainstorming, discussion and debate. Also, discussion was held on the four components of Ralph Tyler's curriculum development rationale: (b) aims, (b) content, (c) methods, approaches and means, and (d) assessment. The research results of Brooks and Brooks (1993) were also shared as a pyramid of learning. Duishon Shamatov then shared the ideas of using Powerpoint slides too frequently while teaching, when teachers rely heavily on this means of teaching, then lessons become boring and monotonous, and as a result some universities started to ban the use of Powerpoints. Duishon Shamatov also raised a point about the role of mass media which often portrays the teaching profession too negatively, and he shared a newspaper article that demonstrates this.  He pointed out that the image of teachers is a kaleidoscope of perceptions of their professional and personal characteristics.  He then opened a discussion on how much teachers themselves are also responsible for raising their own professionalism and prestige. A lively debate on a "Moral Dilemma" encapsulated many of the themes we discussed and brought the session to a satisfying close.