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Dr. Duishon Shamatov spoke in a high profile UNESCO and World Bank event

UNESCO and the World Bank have jointly organized the online Central Asian Symposium on Education: “Skilled Teachers – Skilled Nation” on October 13, 2021.
The Symposium aimed to exchange knowledge and experiences among Central Asian countries on existing policies and programs regarding teacher recruitment, in- and pre-service teacher education and teachers’ career trajectories. The event brought together representatives of Ministries of Education and other stakeholders from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
Dr Duishon Shamatov from NUGSE was among the practitioners and researchers mostly from the international contexts including Ivo Ferreira Gomes (Mayor of Sobral, Ceara, Brazil), Zhang Minxuan (Professor, Shanghai China), Lin Goodwin (Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong) and Cher Ping Lim (The Education University of Hong Kong) who spoke in the second panel on the international experiences on effective teacher policies and practices.
Duishon was asked the following question,
“you have researched teacher identities and experiences of teachers in Central Asia, especially in the Kyrgyz Republic. How do you think the current hierarchies in the system can be adjusted to ensure increased teacher empowerment, agency and action in improving student learning outcomes, and contributing to improving the entire system?”