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A webinar on “Modern education and inclusive education development”

A webinar on "Modern education and inclusive education development"

Today, the webinar hosted by NUGSE was attended by more than 360 participants, including teachers, specialists, and heads of educational organizations from all regions of Kazakhstan. Professor Michelle Somerton, the host of the webinar, the author of a number of publications on inclusion, teaches Master's students with a specialization in "Inclusive education" at NUGSE.

During the webinar participants studied the following topics:

- Modern education and development of inclusive education;

- Understanding diversity;
- Models for understanding disability.

Professor Somerton introduced participants to research findings demonstrating that students with and without disabilities in inclusive schools show better results in reading and math, form friendships better and know how to appreciate differences in people. She also touched upon some legislative aspects and highlighted the situation with inclusive education in Kazakhstan.

Participants of the webinar found it useful and expressed their gratitude to Professor Somerton and the hosts.