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NUGSE orientation day

Today is the orientation day at NUGSE. Ninety nine master’s and PhD students from all around the world, including such countries as Japan and Ghana, are joining us. New students are greeted by Dr Aida Sagintayeva, NUGSE Dean, Dr Jason Spark and Dr Michael Makoelle, Vice-Deans, faculty and administrative staff of the School. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, for the first time in our 10-year history, we are hosting orientation as well as the start of the new academic year online.
Traditionally, the orientation day starts with an introduction from the Dean Dr Sagintayeva, followed by Vice-Deans, who talk through the upcoming study and research programme. The students then are introduced to the representatives of various university divisions, their timetable and student life at NU.
Dear students, today is the first day of a new academic journey! It might be a challenging one as the requirements and expectations are set high but please rest assured that you will be surrounded by people, who are so keen to support you and make sure there is no question unanswered or problem unsolved. NUGSE is a friendly, nourishing and supporting environment and no pandemic can ever change!