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Researching the Political Economy of Education in Central Asia: data analysis workshop

On the 1-2 of December 2022, the Central Asia Hub of the Political Economy of Education
Research Network (PEER Network), led by Nazarbayev University Graduate School of
Education, hosted a two-day workshop. The Central Asia Hub Director, Prof Naureen
Durrani, welcomed ten fellows across Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.
The team had two productive days of stimulating conversations, discussing data analysis
strategies and approaches as well as potential analysis issues within the current research
projects. Fellows had an opportunity to present preliminary findings of their small-scale
research projects funded by the PEER Network and to receive feedback from peers and the
workshop facilitators, Professor Naureen Durrani, Associate Professor Hélène Thibault and
Post-Doctoral Researcher Assel Sharimova (Nazarbayev University). 
This workshop was part of the Research and Practice Fellowships in the Political Economy of
Education that aim to provide training and mentorship on applying for research funding and
conducting research projects as well as developing a new cohort of researchers working on
issues of education through a critical political economy lens as part of the wider PEER
Network ( The PEER Network is a three-year initiative led by
four universities (Ulster, Cape Town, Nazarbayev and Sussex). The PEER Network is funded
under the Global Challenges Research Fund and managed by UK Research and Innovation.