Nazarbayev University
Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education




March 14th, 1 pm, Block C3, Room 3034

Presentation: What stands in the way of female leaders’ advancement in Central Asia: lessons from the analysis of public sectors (civil service and higher education) in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

In this presentation I will provide an overview of the findings from three studies, which used the data from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to analyze the barriers and opportunities faced by women leaders in advancement towards and success in leadership roles in civil service and in higher education. The presentation will provide an overview of the current theories, which explain the progression to and the experiences of women in leadership roles. It will also provide a summary of the findings, which are consistent with the existing theories, as well as the unexpected findings suggesting new theoretical explanations, which are particularly relevant for the context of transitional economies.


Contact: Aliya Kuzhabekova,