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Graduate School of Education

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Senior Manager

Requirements for Senior Manager position

Department of Continuing Education



- Higher professional;

- Academic degree: Master's degree; PhD / Doctor of Science is welcome.


Priority specializations:

-Higher education in the field of education and / or pedagogy;

-International relationships;

- Management and other related areas.



- At least 5 years of work experience in the educational environment, in particular, in the field of educational policy, curriculum development, program evaluation, program coordination;

- experience in leadership positions in education is preferable, but not mandatory;

- Work experience in the international team.

Professional competencies

- excellent analytical skills;

- presentation skills;

- Reputation management skills;

- project management skills;

Job duties and functions


Senior Manager is imposed with the following functions:

- Implementation of administrative, managerial and research activities of the School under the direction of the school's management;

- Development of educational programs for Professional development courses;

- Initiation of the entry in the register of planned purchases of goods, works and services, as well as a plan for the procurement of information for the conclusion of contracts related to the activities of the Department;

- Implementation of administrative and coordination support for projects implemented by the School;

- Maintaining official correspondence with partners on projects implemented by the School;

- Organization of operational support of the School activities, including recruitment of trainees, organization of professional development courses, seminars for teachers and teachers, as well as other activities of the Department related to the activities of the School;

- Coordination of activities in the framework of joint activities of the School with foreign partners;

- Organization of work with instructors of professional development courses, consultants invited by project experts, as well as listeners of professional development courses;

- Organization of the recruitment of trainees, their selection and placement in professional development courses;

- Preparation and organization of work on the formation of the budget application, the technical specification of the School for the relevant fiscal year for ongoing and planned projects;

- Preparation of reports, analytical materials and letters;

- Analytical set of materials;

- Monitoring the performance of the School in accordance with the approved Plan;

- Participation in the development and implementation of the School plan;

- Timely and qualitative execution of other instructions of the School management in the framework of their duties and authorities;

Language skills

Fluent Kazakh and English, both oral and written

Personal skills


- Nazarbayev University competency model;

- critical thinking;

- building effective relations;

- interpersonal skills;

- ability to work in team;

- responsibility;

- distinguished leadership skills;

- stress resistance;

- the ability to function effectively in the presence of tight deadlines;

- communication skills; initiative, purposefulness, creativity;

- ability to work with representatives of different cultures.


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