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Graduate School of Education

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Kamila Rollan

Program: M.Sc. in Educational Leadership, Inclusive Education track

Year of enrollment: 2016

Research area/ area of interest: Inclusive Education, Educational Politics, Technologies in Education, Minority Studies

Degree hold prior: Bachelor in Political Science, Minor in Communications

Current employment status: Chair of “Education For All” Public Association, Consultant of “Social Trust Foundation” Public Foundation


A: What is special about NUGSE in your opinion?

Q: NUGSE is a welcoming and vibrant community, where each student can develop and achieve with the support of experienced international staff, approachable administration, and great resource base available at the library. My experience here was nothing but fruitful and enjoyable. What I especially appreciate is that GSE is a great place to form professional connections with major stakeholders in the field of Education. The representatives of the Ministry of Education, the Information Analytical Center, international organizations such as UNDP and UNICEF, local NGOs, and prominent scholars from international universities are often invited as guest speakers to NUGSE. It is, therefore, a unique platform to network.

A: What do you do for fun while being a student at the NUGSE ?

Q: Although studies are the priority, there is a myriad of extracurricular activities one could do to make university experience even more enjoyable. Throughout my studies, I have been developing social projects aimed at expanding educational opportunities for children with special needs. It allowed me to enhance my area of expertise significantly, while also bringing actual contribution to society. Apart from academic and professional activities, I enjoy attending yoga classes and learn playing the piano, because sport and art are always a good idea.

 A: What advice do you have for students who are trying to decide whether to apply to NUGSE?

Q: It would be helpful to meet some students and faculty from a program of your choice to discuss your expectations with them. If you decide that you need this program and ready to dedicate 2 years to coursework and research, then make sure you justify this choice really well in the motivation letter. Let someone who is experienced in writing personal statements to peer-review this letter. And once you get to the program, do not waste any of your time. Two years pass so fast, so manage the time wisely, always communicate with the thesis adviser, and network.