Nazarbayev University
Graduate School of Education

Graduate School of Education

Assistant to the Vice Dean (Manager)

Assistant to the Vice Dean (Manager)


Job title

Assistant to the Vice Dean (Manager)


Key functional duties

– Quality and timely execution of Vice Dean’s tasks within the framework of official duties.


Key positional duties

– Planning, developing and maintaining the Vice Dean’s schedule;

– Fulfilling Vice Dean’s tasks (signing documents, organization of meetings and Vice Dean’s business trips);

– Assisting the Vice Dean in planning and organization of the academic, teaching, research, and out-of-school work of the GSE;

– Coordinating Vice Dean’s professional interaction with the Faculty of the GSE and the structural units of Nazarbayev University;

– Assisting Vice Dean in scheduling courses on Master’s and doctoral programs, load distribution of teaching staff and the creation of Academic calendar;

– Assisting in the admissions of students for Master’s and doctoral programs;

– Working closely with the Faculty of the GSE and the structural units of Nazarbayev University;

– Scheduling student registration in the Office of the Registrar (OR) system and maintaining administrative part of New Course Proposals and Course Change forms to the OR.

– Solving problems arising during the educational process under Vice Dean’s leadership; taking control of academic schedule.



– Higher education, preferably in higher education institutions with teaching in English

– Minimum requirements for academic degree:  Master’s degree, undergraduate or specialist.


Required professional experience (duration, field)

– with a master’s degree, work experience  at least 1 year in areas corresponding to the functional areas of the given position, with a bachelor’s degree or specialist work experience at least 3 years in areas corresponding to the functional areas of the position in international national companies, or at least 2 years of work experience in “Nazarbayev University”;

– Experience in an intercultural environment is desirable.


Professional competencies

– Analytical skills, ability to establish successful professional relations with people at various state and government levels in Russian, Kazakh and English.

– Ability to function effectively within tight deadlines;

– Knowledge of legislation in the field of document management and records management;

– Organizational skills;

– Discipline;

– Ability to work both individually and in a team;

– Ability to work with representatives of different cultures;


Personal competences and qualities

Communicative, initiative, responsible and creative


Proficiency in languages, including state language, (list of languages):

Excellent speaking and writing skills of Kazakh, Russian, English (advanced).


Computer skills

High level of computer skills (OS Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Excel).


Deadline for sending CVs

Until the position is filled.  Please send CV to