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The Graduate School of Education (GSE) is fortunate in having as its international partners the University of Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania.


The University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education (

The University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Education (

The Faculty of Education at Cambridge a world leader in educational research and practice.  Among the broad areas of research that are of concern in the Faculty are: Education, Equality and Development; Pedagogy, Language and Culture in Education; Science, Technology and Mathematics Education; Leadership for Learning; and Psychology and Education. The Faculty of Education is also the home of the Centre for Commonwealth Education, the Centre for Children’s Literature, the Centre for Education and International Development, and the Centre for Neuroscience in Education, as well as for the Cambridge Primary Review National Primary Network and the Leadership for Learning Network.

The University of Pennsylvania was founded by Benjamin Franklin in 1751 and is a member of the Ivy League. The university community includes 77 members of the Academy of Sciences and Arts, 38 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 175 Guggenheim fellows, and 28 members of the American Philosophical Society. During the last twenty years the faculty has included 7 MacArthur foundation fellows, 6 National Medal of Science laureates, 5 Nobel Prize laureates and 5 Pulitzer Prize winners.

The Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the world’s leading schools of education.  Its major mission is research in the field of education and educational policy. It is renowned for the high level research regarding literacy education, teacher education and language policies in education. Over last fifteen years, the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania has developed an international reputation in the spheres of quantitative research of educational policies, the evaluation of the quality of education, higher education, and psychology and the development of human capital.